TWICE’s Tzuyu Gains Praise For Having A Selfless Heart Of Gold

This might make you cry.

TWICE‘s Tzuyu is known for her love for animals. But did you know that this time, she took it one step further? Recently, through a live stream, it was made known that Tzuyu is currently fostering two young puppies.

The foster program for puppies makes it so that shelters with a lack of space can take in more animals by having volunteers temporarily care for puppies in their own homes. Tzuyu introduced her new critters as Kaya and Butter, after the yummy bread spreads. She will be taking care of them until they have found suitable new families.

| @TWICEtagram/Instagram

Netizens have been praising her for being selfless, pointing out that she must be suffering herself due to the recent loss of her own dog. Sadly, her own creature passed away recently.

Tzuyu must still be having it hard..For me too, when my babies passed on, I couldn’t even go about my daily life as I thought of them whenever I looked at other puppies. Tzuyu is impressive.

— Netizen

| @TWICEtagram/Instagram

Tzuyu’s consistent love for animals and her kind heart can be seen from even the past. Netizens have praised her for her kind deeds, saying that she was indeed as selfless as she is gorgeous.

Tzuyu is someone who goes for volunteer work with her mom when she gets vacation days… On their off day, Jeongyeon, Momo and Tzuyu went to a dog shelter for volunteer work and helped clean up the excrement and tidy the area, even donating. Recently, Tzuyu’s dog went to heaven so she must be really sad but I guess she felt bad after seeing the dog shelter puppies.

— Netizen

| @QueenTzuyu/Instagram

Tzuyu is not the only kind-hearted member of TWICE! Recently, Mina also was revealed to have signed up as an organ donor. Catch the girls’ latest song, “I CAN’T STOP ME” below to show some support.

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