TWICE’s Tzuyu Just Reached New Levels Of Retro Actress-Like Beauty

The hat and gloves were *chef’s kiss.*

TWICE‘s Tzuyu recently shocked everyone with her actress-like beauty.

During SBS 2020 Gayo Daejaejun, TWICE went for a retro concept.

Looking like she stepped out of a classic movie, the concept suited her visuals perfectly.

The wide-brimmed hat, long gloves, and iconic glasses are reminiscent of fashion icons in the 1950s like Audrey Hepburn.

Watch as Tzuyu transforms from grayscale…

…into full-blown color!

This isn’t the first time Tzuyu proved she fits a retro concept. Check out the photoshoot for TWICE’s mini-album Eyes Wide Open (Retro ver.).

Sporting a slightly different type of retro look, it seems any throwback concept enhances her classic beauty.

Fans can only hope for more classic looks from Tzuyu in the future!