TWICE’s Tzuyu Reveals What Her Perfect Date Is, And It Sounds Super Familiar

It seems like she already does these things with someone…

Trying out something new and fun for fans, TWICE‘s Tzuyu sat down for an ASMR interview, answering questions about herself. When discussing what her ideal date would be, it turned out to be something that sounded all too familiar.

There were three parts to Tzuyu’s perfect date that would make it the most successful outing ever. The first had to do with starting it off in a relaxing way. What better way to get your muscles moving than going on a “walk together?”

The second was all about eating the right food in the right restaurant. Tzuyu isn’t focused on choosing the most expensive or flashy place; she prefers somewhere with a nice atmosphere and tasty food.

For the final part, it’s all about the connection with the person she’s with. The best part is being able to have an interesting conversation together, enjoying each other’s company. All of these things combined made for the “happiest date.”

Funnily enough, these are the exact things that she does with someone in particular: her bestie CLC‘s Elkie.

From taking walks together while sipping their drinks…

to eating tasty desserts together at cozy restaurants, they do everything that Tzuyu enjoys in a date.

No wonder they’re best friends who love spending time with each other. No matter what they do or where they go, it’s always a fun time.

Listen to Tzuyu reveal what makes for the happiest date, based on her many outings with Elkie.