TWICE’s Tzuyu Reveals Why She Ran Away From Jeongyeon’s Kiss

A ONCE couldn’t help but ask.

TWICE celebrated their “Feel Special” win on Music Bank by putting on lipstick and giving each other kisses during their encore stage.


Tzuyu had another idea when Jeongyeon went in for a kiss on her cheek.

She ran for the hills until Jeongyeon finally caught her and gave her one.

ONCEs noticed that Tzuyu had only run from Jeongyeon and had no problem getting kissed by the rest of the members like Dahyun.


At a fan signing, Tzuyu shared why she ran away in the first place: it was scary when Jeongyeon went to kiss her.

If you’re not used to someone kissing you, it can certainly be shocking. After all, Jeongyeon doesn’t look scary at all.