These Pictures of TWICE Kissing Will Give You Life

They’re so cute!

The girls of TWICE are all very good friends with each other, showing time and time again how close they are and how strong their bonds of friendship are. So, it wasn’t a big surprise when they said if they won a recent appearance on Music Bank they would put lipstick on and give each other a kiss. Well, they won! So, true to their word they pulled out a tube of lipstick and left lipstick prints all over each other’s faces in the cutest display ever.

1. Dahyun kisses Sana, who already has a prominent kiss mark on her forehead.

2. Chaeyoung kisses Dahyun, who scrunches her face up in delight.

3. Sana gets a kiss from Tzuyu as she shows off her growing collection of kiss marks.

4. Jeongyeon kisses Chaeyoung on the forehead, in a sweet, motherly way.

5. Dahyun kisses Tzuyu, and the Internet implodes over their combined visuals.

6. Nayeon looks delighted to be on the receiving end of a kiss from Dahyun.

7. Jihyo seemed to be having the time of her life getting a kiss from everyone’s favorite bunny.

Here’s a video of TWICE and all their wholesome cuteness: