Fans Notice TWICE’s Momo Is A Comforting, Motherly Figure

Her love for her groupmates is clear.

TWICE is known for their close friendship, whether they’re snacking together in their downtime, fixing each others’ hair, or cooking for each other it’s pretty apparent that the girls genuinely enjoy being around each other.

Perhaps brought on by the observation that Momo has small hands which make it difficult for her to carry too many things at once, it was difficult not to notice her penchant for hand-holding.

It doesn’t take very much effort to find Momo holding on to her groupmates. A quick look through social media or major search engines will turn up dozens of results of Momo lovingly holding onto her friends. The gesture of holding their hands or arms is so sweet and motherly that ONCEs couldn’t help but find it heart-warming.

Physical contact is hugely important to people, as it releases the hormone Oxytocin and reduces stress and anxiety. Mina, who has been largely inactive from group activities due to anxiety, bravely toughed it out to film the teaser and music video for their new chart-topping single “Feel Special” in addition to appearing in group promotional materials. While ONCEs were thrilled to see Mina again, they recently noticed how Momo comfortingly held onto her arm to offer her emotional support.

Perhaps the ultimate motherly Momo moment was during their TWICELIGHTS tour. Fans were moved to tears when they noticed the girls clearly keep a space open for Mina, as though she was there with them in spirit. Although Mina wasn’t with them, Momo still extended her hand into the empty space as though she were there with them, showing that they can’t be TWICE without her.

It’s not just Mina whom Momo reaches out to hold. She’s been filmed and pictured holding hands with other members, like Dahyun

And, Nayeon

Even Sana has been seen receiving the comforting touch from Momo!

Momo’s love for her group extends to everyone, and fans are head-over-heels in love with her for it.