TWICE Tzuyu’s Unique Trashcan Proved To Be The Biggest Hit Of “TWICELIGHTS” 

Tzuyu proved one man’s trash (can) is another’s treasure!

A few weeks ago, TWICE released a list for their upcoming TWICELIGHTS world tour including 14 special items designed by each of the members. While each of the items was a must-have item for fans, there was one item that had fans scratching their heads…Tzuyu‘s trashcan!


When netizens were first introduced to Tzuyu’s trashcan they thought the idea was a little strange. At the same time, however, after seeing the cute little face on the trashcan and the cute phrase, “You can put your negative energy here,” everyone was totally ready to add it to their cart!


And add it to their cart they did! Tzuyu’s trashcan turned out to be such a hit that the first day it went on sale, it was the first item to completely sell out!


Selling out the first day soon rolled into a second day and then a third! Since the item has dropped, it’s consistently sold out!


ONCEs can’t handle the adorable fact and are loving Tzuyu’s selling fairy powers!


But you know what they say, one man’s trash (can) is another man’s treasure and Tzuyu’s certainly is a treasure!