TWICE Unnies Couldn’t Believe Tzuyu’s Age, And Her Response Was “So Savage”

Tzuyu’s statement made everyone laugh.

While TWICE‘s Tzuyu is a loving maknae, she can also be a savage!

TWICE’s Tzuyu

Tzuyu recently held a live broadcast in celebration of her birthday, and Momo asked her how old she was. When Tzuyu shared that she’s 23 years old (Korean age), it surprised the members.

Dahyun couldn’t believe that Tzuyu was already 23 years old!

Tzuyu then said something hilarious to her unnies!

TWICE’s Momo

Tzuyu said that no matter how old she gets, she will always be the youngest member in TWICE!

Everyone laughed after Tzuyu said this, and Momo jokingly told her, “Good for you.”

The savage maknae strikes again!

Source: Naver Live