This Is What TWICE’s Unnie Line Was Like During Their School Days

We’d definitely want to sit at their lunch table!

TWICE has been enjoying school life during this season of “TIME TO TWICE” TDOONG High School. Filming in a school for as long as they did made the group nostalgic, and soon enough, the girls were trading stories of what it was like when they were in school.

It all started with the maknae line members. Dahyun called out to Chaeyoung to mess with her. This schoolgirl energy soon transferred over, and Chaeyoung began to request whiteout like they were in class.

The need for whiteout triggered a memory for Sana, who began to tell everyone about how her friends used to act in school. “If you are really close with someone, we used to split the eraser and share,” Sana explained.

Sana during her school years.

Nayeon readily agreed with Sana, admitting she had done the same thing before. Sana also mentioned that they were never allowed to wear long nails at school without getting in trouble.

Nayeon during her school years.

All this nostalgia brought Momo into the conversation, who added that “you can’t just wear makeup to school.” 

Momo then surprised everyone by sharing her unique beauty habit from when she was in school.

I used to wear colored contacts to school. I was really into that.


Momo during her school years.

Jihyo was shocked by this and wondered if Momo had ever gotten in trouble for this unique beauty choice, to which Momo replied, “I was never caught.”

While it’s hard to imagine TWICE looking any other way than they do today, it’s neat to get an insight into what they were like when they were in school, especially for the unnie line who debuted after they had graduated from school.

What do you think about TWICE’s school life? Let us know, and to see more of TWICE reliving their school days, check out the article below:

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