TWICE Reveals They Used To Eat In Restrooms As Trainees—Here’s Why

The members had mixed reactions to the memory.

TWICE recently celebrated their 2000th day since debut by holding an hour-long live broadcast with fans.

One of the topics they talked about was their past trainee days and how they coped with restrictive diets.

Momo recalled one incident when they were caught eating in the practice room and were made to go to the gym together.

Because we were caught while eating something in the practice room, we went to the gym together.

— Momo

Nayeon remembered what happened as well and shared how they were asked, “Who ate food here?Jihyo explained that they ate in the practice room because there was no where else to eat.

Back then, there was no place where we could eat at the company.

— Jihyo

Upon hearing Jihyo’s words, Jeongyeon revealed something surprising! She confessed that aside from practice rooms, they also ate in restrooms.

We used to eat a lot in the restroom when we were trainees.

— Jeongyeon

Nayeon heavily defended their actions by claiming it was clean, which made it “a good place” for them to eat in.

The restroom was a very pleasant place. It was very clean. It was a good place to eat.

— Nayeon

Hilariously, Chaeyoung called her out for exaggerating her words!

Jihyo then revealed the true state of the restroom, saying, “It was smelly.

Tzuyu agreed with her and added that it was clogged a lot.

And the toilets were clogged often, right?

— Tzuyu

That was the last straw for the girls and they decided to end their discussion on restrooms right then and there. Thankfully, TWICE no longer has to resort to such extreme measures just to eat food!

Source: Naver Live