TWICE Has The Most Viewed Stage Mix Ever And Once You Watch It You’ll Understand Why

This TWICE stage mix is divine.

Every K-Pop stage is magical, but seeing multiple live stages of a specific song mashed up into one video is even more magical. The most magical stage mix, though, might have to go to the stage mix of TWICE‘s “What Is Love?” made by YouTuber 보석수집가. The video has over 36 million views – more views than some actual K-Pop music videos have. What makes this stage mix so special?

Well, for one, it’s TWICE. TWICE could breathe and break streaming records, and in each of their stages for “What Is Love?” the girls look especially ethereal. “What Is Love?” is also one of 7 TWICE music videos to gain over 1 million likes on YouTube.

The mixing of this stage is also flawless. There are many stage mixes out there, but the transitions in this video might be some of the smoothest transitions we’ve ever seen, adding to the magic effect. Of course, this magical transitioning wouldn’t be possible without TWICE’s pristine synchronicity.

Watch the video for yourself below and experience the stage mix of all stage mixes: