TWICE Proves They’re Visual Aces Even Through Unedited Journalist Pictures

Visual aces, all of them.

TWICE has always been known for having no visual holes. They’ve been a visual group from debut, with all the members equally praised for their beauty. Not only that, each member has a distinctive look and image trait that allows them to stand out from each other. The girls recently concluded a successful offline concert tour in South Korea, TWICE 4th World Tour: III.

While fansite photos always make their idols look flawless, journalist photos are a different story. Not many survive the harsh lighting and unedited rawness of journalist photos. However, the girls of TWICE proved that they were indeed visual queen as they rocked journalist photos during the concert.

1. Tzuyu

Known for her elegant visuals, she looked every bit the beautiful and reserved goddess she is.

2. Chaeyoung

She has a distinctive style as can be seen in her adorable snaggletooth and the unique graphic eyeliner she has on.

3. Dahyun

We’re loving her flawless skin and wide smile.

4. Mina

Mina’s absolutely breathtaking with her perfect face and body.

5. Jihyo

Jihyo looks like a Disney princess with her cheery smile and open face.

6. Sana

The cutie-sexy queen is back and better than ever.

7. Momo

She looks like an absolute doll.

8. Nayeon

Our bubbly leader suits red so much! It’s definitely her color.

Unfortunately, Jeongyeon was unable to participate in the concert due to her health. Wishing her a speedy recovery!