TWICE’s Chaeyoung Dodges Touchy Security Guard At Manila Airport And It Could Be For This Reason

She didn’t like it at all.

TWICE landed in Manila, Philippines to perform for their world tour TWICELIGHTS, but fans noticed something strange.

As TWICE were being guided through the airport, one of the security guards did something that made Chaeyoung react in an understandable way.

He placed a hand on Chaeyoung’s shoulder to guide her in a specific direction, and she quickly moved away from him. She then folded her arms together, showing that she was uncomfortable.

Another clip showed the same guard touching her once again to guide her, and she stomped her foot out of irritation.

No one likes to be touched by a stranger, so that could be the reason why Chaeyoung reacted the way she did.

And, it seems like the issue comes down to cultural differences because it’s not out of the ordinary for security guards in the Philippines to guide whoever they’re guarding in this manner.

Everyone has been in Chaeyoung’s situation, and she handled it smoother than a lot of people would.