TWICE’s Chaeyoung Looks Tiny With Her Members And It’s Too Cute

Tiny but mighty Chaeyoung.

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung is known as one the smallest member of the group. Standing at 159cm, there is a 13cm difference between her and the tallest member, Tzuyu! So whenever she stands next to Tzuyu – or any of her member for that matter – she looks adorably tiny!

For some reason unknown to the rest of us, however, she always ends up between the two tallest members of the group: Jeongyeon and Tzuyu. Known as the “Twin Towers” of TWICE, she looks even tinier whenever next to them.



Many can’t believe just how cute Chaeyoung is, saying that she still looks good next to Tzuyu and Jeongyeon thanks to her excellent body proportions.

Wow… Chaeyoung looks so petite standing next to Tzuyu and Jeongyeon but it’s so cute!

Source: TheQoo