TWICE’s Chaeyoung Was Originally Not Supposed to Debut With Twice

Had it not been for SIXTEEN, she wouldn’t have debuted with the TWICE girls.

During SIXTEEN, TWICE‘s Chaeyoung impressed viewers with her charisma and her rap. However, had it not been for the survival show, she wouldn’t have debuted with the Twice girls.

In a Japanese magazine, they revealed that she was originally part of a trainee group that would debut after 6MIX – a girl group that consisted of Twice’s Sana, Jihyo, Nayeon, Jeongyeon and ex-SIXTEEN contestant Minyoung. The group had numerous member changes and their debut was constantly delayed.

Chaeyoung, along with Tzuyu and Dahyun, was part of a team that featured JYP’s younger trainees.

However, when 6MIX’s plans of debut fell through, JYP organized the show SIXTEEN to debut his next girl group. He included the girls of 6MIX, his Japanese trainees, and the younger trainees.

Had it not been for SIXTEEN, it’s highly possible she would have debuted with ITZY instead.

Though she would have definitely fit in with all of the ITZY girls, we’re glad she was able to debut with TWICE!

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