TWICE’s Most Famous Fangirl Taeyeon Bursts Out Dancing To “Yes Or Yes” In Olive Young

The Taeyeon X TWICE chronicles continue…

In Taeyeon‘s latest vlog she stops by Olive Young to buy some makeup products for her mom (thoughtful queen!). While she’s shopping, a familiar song can be heard in the background. That song is none other than TWICE‘s insanely catchy “Yes Or Yes”.

Once she realized what song was playing, she tried to keep her composure by singing along just a little bit while shopping. She wasn’t able to control herself for long, though; her ONCE switch was activated and she began dancing in the middle of the aisle.

Caption: “31 years old… the appropriate age to be dancing along to TWICE songs.”


This isn’t the first time Mega-ONCE Taeyeon has been seen jamming to TWICE in public. Back in January she uploaded two videos of herself dancing to “TT” on her Instagram account.

Taeyeon hears TWICE “TT” in convenience store and can’t control herself

After finishing up at the makeup store, Taeyeon’s adventures continue to Baskin Robbins where she even signs an autograph for the staff on a giant spoon (one more time for the people in the back: THOUGHTFUL QUEEN!).

Watch Taeyeon’s full vlog below:

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