TWICE’s Jeongyeon Revealed Her Most Humiliating Moment—And It’s A Doozy

We’d have been mortified too, tbh.

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon, who has an impeccable girl crush image, revealed one of the most humiliating things she’s ever experienced during an episode of JTBC Entertainment‘s Knowing Bros.

On one occasion, Jeongyeon had to urgently use the restroom. She was able to finish her business…

Source: JTBC Entertainment/YouTube

… When she decided to flush the toilet before pulling up her pants.

Source: JTBC Entertainment/YouTube

That decision proved to be a critical mistake for her because as she stood there pantless, the door opened! A mother and her son stood in the doorway, and as they realized what happened, they quickly apologized and closed the door.

Source: JTBC Entertainment/YouTube

Overall, Jeongyeon seems pretty nonchalant about the whole incident, but she did admit that it was embarrassing for her at the time!

Watch the whole clip of Jeongyeon recounting the experience below: