TWICE’s Mina Leaves Fans Feeling Delighted With Latest Instagram Update

Are we in the upside down? Mina is posting and she looks great!

TWICE‘s Mina posted an updated to the group’s official Instagram account, which left fans feeling delighted.

She published a picture of her next to a Stranger Things Lego set, but it isn’t the toy that caught fans’ eyes. Mina, whose fair skin and large eyes stood out, looked healthy and relaxed in the photo, making fans feel relieved.

Fans who saw the picture left comments such as, “Mina is amazing“, “I’m so happy to see you happy“, and “Love you my princess!”

Mina, who has been on leave to focus on her health, has been making surprise appearances with her group, including attending their TWICE 4th Anniversary Fan Meeting which was held in Korea.


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