TWICE’s Momo Was Embarrassed By This Moment During A Live Stream

We’ve all been there.

The wholesome Momo moment was caught during a live broadcast TWICE shared on their official channel on August 31 (KST). The video shows TWICE relaxing in their green room backstage during the M2 X Genie Music Awards (MGMA), and while they spend most of it eating, chatting with one another or having one-on-one moments with the camera, there was an undeniably cute moment when Momo was visibly embarrassed at being caught off guard.

What was the moment that left Momo looking a little bashful?

She was caught off-guard taking selfies! 😳

It’s okay, Momo, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about—you are adorable and there’s nothing wrong with feeling yourself!

Have you ever been caught in an embarrassing moment like Momo? Next time, you can do what Momo did… She made the best of the situation and turned things around in her favor by having someone take her pictures for her!

What an iconic queen!