TWICE’s Momo Is More Popular Than The Apple iPhone

Momo beat the tech giant on the most important day of the year for the company!

On the day Apple announced its new products, TWICE member Momo‘s name began trending on Twitter in the US, ranking higher than the tech giant!

During Apple’s Keynote event, they unveiled a new iPhone model at the Steve Jobs Theater. Despite the event being globally popular due to their loyal consumers continued excitement for upcoming products, “Momo” was the top trend, unintentionally suppressing the Apple event. U.S. entrepreneur and investor Jack Phan tweeted, “This is a first. #AppleEvent is happening now yet #MOMO is trending worldwide. What is MOMO?!?”

ONCEs on Twitter were quick to explain who Momo was and that the reason she was trending was that the first teaser video of their comeback album was released. Of course, it wasn’t just the teaser release that got Momo trending, it was because she suddenly had long bangs in the video!

Jack was intrigued as he once again took to Twitter to express his confusion, having said, “So #MOMO is trending ahead of the #AppleEvent because of a kpop girl’s ‘missing bangs and forehead’?!” Jack has since become a proud ONCE, calling himself a “ONCE uncle” and sharing that Momo, Mina, and Tzuyu are his biases from the group.

Korean netizens found the trending story funny as they joked, “Momo ate an apple. That’s great.” and “Momo is definitely using a Samsung smartphone.”


Source: Oricon