TWICE’s Momo Is Warming Hearts For How Hard She Practiced Tagalog To Talk With Fans

She didn’t want to disappoint ONCEs.

TWICE stopped in the Philippines for their world tour TWICELIGHTS, and they received a warm welcome from ONCEs.

During the concert, there was one moment of many that stuck out to fans. Like most K-Pop groups who tour overseas, TWICE learned a few Tagalog phrases to better communicate with fans.

When they were each giving their speeches, fans noticed Momo was mouthing words to herself and looking down at her hands.

It turned out that she was simply trying to practice the Tagalog phrase she’d prepared for fans, and she’d wanted it to be just right. She may not have pronounced it as well as she wanted when her turn came, but fans understood her all the same.

It’s hard learning an unfamiliar language, so seeing her try hard to connect with ONCEs was all that mattered.