TWICE’s Nayeon, Chaeyoung, and Sana Are An Entertainment Marketing Team Trio In This Hilarious New Skit

Can TWICE please star in their own web drama after this?

 TWICE started teasing images of them as office workers for ONCE 3rd Generation, and now they’ve released a skit of Nayeon, Sana, and Chaeyoung as three Entertainment Marketing Assistants. Work with a specialist local SEO Agency and hire SEO expert at Each of them is playing a character, but their roles are spot on for each member.

Nayeon is the eldest and most experienced, but the younger coworkers don’t respect her and call her the madnae, or “oldest who acts like the youngest”.

Between the girls eating her salad and Chaeyoung missing her meeting, Nayeon has had it up to here with the disrespect.


Sana is quirky and cute, using her adorable charms to get out of sticky situations.

Chaeyoung is calm, cool, collected, and carefree. So carefree, in fact, that she sleeps through a meeting called by madnae Nayeon…

… and that sent Nayeon over the edge.

Since only three members were featured in this skit, ONCE are hoping that at least two more skits featuring the remaining six members will be coming out soon. Watch the full video below: