TWICE’s Nayeon Leaves Fans Awestruck After Interaction With ONCE

How lucky was that ONCE?!

A video of TWICE‘s Nayeon interacting with a ONCE at a fansign event has been making its rounds on Twitter and fans of the group can’t get enough of her. The precious cinnamon roll that she is, Nayeon leans in and removes her glasses to hear the fan, who was reportedly trying his best to speak Korean to the idol.

The fan in the video confirmed (below) that he was, indeed, trying to speak Korean to Nayeon when she encouraged him to speak in English by saying, “You know I speak English, you can talk to me in English.”

Fans of the group are totally in awe of how cute Nayeon is and can’t get over how sweet the interaction was. How lucky was that ONCE?!