TWICE’s Nayeon Showcases Her Quirky Personality In Behind The Scenes Look At Nylon Photoshoot

ONCEs can’t get over how cute she is!

On their official live broadcast channel, TWICE shared a video of the behind-the-scenes of Nayeon‘s photoshoot with Nylon magazine. Although the 3-minute video shows off Nayeon’s natural beauty and effortless charm, it’s her cute, quirky personality that shines through the most.

The photoshoot, which is for Nylon’s August cover series, is full of typically adorable moments that will cause ONCEs and Nayeon fans to fall in love with her all over again.

During one silly moment, Nayeon waddles towards the camera while chomping her teeth like an alligator. 🐊

In a cutaway scene between takes, she sticks her tongue out playfully before they move on to the next shot.

And, here she briefly acting like a mime. 🖐️

When all is said and done, Nayeon shared really hoped all the ONCEs enjoyed the behind-the-scenes look at her Nylon photoshoot. It seems her wishes didn’t go unheard by loyal ONCEs who enthusiastically shared how much they love her and lavished her with praise over how cute she is.

What was your favorite moment from Nayeon’s Nylon photoshoot?