TWICE’s Tzuyu Leaves Everyone Breathless At The Estee Lauder Event

She’s so gorgeous.

TWICE‘s Tzuyu has always been gorgeous, but her beauty absolutely shined at the Estee Lauder Global launch, where all eyes were on her and her beautiful self.

The idol featured her brand new hair color and bangs, and people can’t believe how gorgeous she looked with the new ‘do. Many hadn’t expected bangs to suit Tzuyu as much as it did, but now that she has it, people hope it stays.

The idol looked absolutely classy at the event, donning a cream color dress and heels. She looked like a princess that came straight out of a fairytale, people can’t deny that her visuals are top-tier.

Netizens and fans are well aware of Tzuyu’s visuals, and these photos only prove that she only continues to bloom.

Tzuyu is pretty no matter what she does.

– Korean Netizen

Source: Naver