TWICE’s Tzuyu Once Pulled Off An Incredible Spy-Like Feat Because Of Her Love Of Food

With a mind like hers, Tzuyu could take over the world if she wanted to.

On an old episode of Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, the lengths TWICE‘s Tzuyu went through to enjoy a snack was revealed—and it is dang impressive! 😮

During one segment, Tzuyu and Jeongyeon were asked to raise their hand if the statement applied to them. The first statement was, “I received the delivered pigs’ feet through the window with a shoelace.

Source: JTBC Entertainment

Tzuyu shyly raised her hand, acknowledging that it was she who pulled off the 007-esque mission!

Source: JTBC Entertainment

Tzuyu shared that she loves pig’s feet but couldn’t eat it because of the CCTV surveillance camera…

Source: JTBC Entertainment

… So the girls ordered it secretly and enjoyed it together! 😂

Source: JTBC Entertainment

You have to give Tzuyu props for her ingenuity!

Watch the whole clip below: