TWICE’s Tzuyu Trended On Naver After Her Appearance On “Battle Trip” And After Seeing These Clips You’ll See Why

Tzuyu has aegyo pulsing through her veins.

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung, Dahyun, and Tzuyu appeared on the May 11 episode of KBSBattle Trip, and shortly thereafter Tzuyu became a trending topic on NAVER.

Tzuyu is listed as #8 on the list, as indicated by the “thumbs up” emoji

All three TWICE girls were full of charms, but maknae Tzuyu especially stole viewers hearts as the they made their way around Ganghwa.

In one clip, Tzuyu can’t find the words to describe the taste of what she’d just eaten, so she cutely laughs and says that she might need to spend more time learning Korean. Her body answered where her words failed her, as she had food stuck in her hair that the members helped get off of her. (It must’ve been delicious!)

Tzuyu also showed off her cute and funny charms when drinking a frothy drink and pointing out that the bubbles got stuck to her lips. At Dahyun’s request (and the audience’s enjoyment) Tzuyu once again dips her lips in the drink and Dahyun snaps a hilarious but adorable picture.

After Dahyun thanks Tzuyu, Tzuyu cooly says “it was nothing”, but immediately bursts into the most adorable smile. She couldn’t hide her happiness at doing something for her unnies. Twitter user @sabeda1020 says that “cute Tzuyu” should be listed in the dictionary as a proper noun from this moment on.

Tzuyu keeps the cuteness parade going in this clip of her trying to eat a dumpling with her chopsticks. She tried and failed at least four times before Chaeyoung suggested she try eating with the spoon instead. Her smile after her fourth and final failed attempt will melt your heart.

In this clip she channels her inner CF queen with a bright sigh after tasting the delicious broth.

Tzuyu made sure the audience wouldn’t miss even one second of her legendary cuteness, even stopping during the 1800 meter luge race to straighten the camera.

Even though Tzuyu is getting older, the girls still treat her like the cute and lovable maknae that she is; here is Dahyun feeding her some cake at a brunch café the girls visited.

When Tzuyu saw this contraption at a vintage café, she thought it was an instrument for beheading, but since she didn’t want to say that on the broadcast she went for a gesture she thought would be more suitable. What she came up with was so cute, but sadly (or maybe, fortunately) this was not an execution device.

Tzuyu’s charms are the gifts that keep on giving, and it doesn’t look like they’re gonna go anywhere any time soon.

Source: @tzuyudata