TWICE’s Tzuyu’s Incredible Beauty Took This Airport Worker’s Breath Away

She couldn’t stop smiling while looking at Tzuyu.

As TWICE is busy on their TWICELIGHTS world tour, clips of Tzuyu at the airport headed to LA on July 15 have been gaining attention online just due to the sheer fact that she looks ethereal.

Tzuyu looked so beautiful that the airport worker couldn’t even resist breaking into the biggest smile ever as soon as she laid eyes on Tzuyu.

While helping Jihyo the worker keeps a professional smile, but as soon as she lays eyes on Tzuyu her smile spreads from one ear to the next. After Tzuyu passes and bows to her fans, the worker can be seen turning to her coworker & saying “wow”. (Same, Ms. Airport Worker. Same.)

Tzuyu’s beauty is enchanting not only ONCEs around the world, but airport workers too.