TWICE Takes Over YouTube Japan’s “Top Trending MVs of 2018” Chart

It’s another victory for TWICE!

2018 is drawing to a close, but there’s still time for ONCEs to celebrate yet another TWICE chart victory.


This year, TWICE’s “What Is Love?” became the only non-Japanese song to enter the Top 5 in YouTube Japan’s list of “Top Trending Music Videos of 2018”.


TWICE is also the only K-Pop group to enter the Top 10 this year. Not only that, this supergroup has two other MVs that have made the cut!


TWICE’s “Candy Pop” scored the number 6 spot…


…while “Wake Me Up” took the 10th spot.


TWICE has the most music videos in the Top 10 of any artist on the list, and is the only artist to hold multiple spots this year, aside from Hoshino Gen.

  1. Yonezu Kenshi – “Lemon”
  2. Da Pump – “U.S.A”
  3. Suda Masaki – “Sayonara Elegy”
  4. Hoshino Gen – “Doraemon”
  5. TWICE – “What is Love?”
  6. TWICE – “Candy Pop”
  7. Keyakizaka46 – “Garasu no Ware!”
  8. WANIMA – “Signal”
  9. Hoshino Gen – “Idea”
  10. TWICE – “Wake Me Up”


The rankings were announced as part of the Japanese leg of 2018’s YouTube FanFest, an international event dedicated to celebrating content creators and their fans. YouTube FanFest also held events in Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, India, and Korea in 2018.


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