This Twitter Is Dedicated To Sharing What Xiumin Eats And It’s The Best Kind Of Weird Cute

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Since EXO Xiumin‘s departure to enlist in the army for his military service, a Twitter account by the handle of @xiumin_tray was born. This account is strictly dedicated to re-creating what Xiumin is eating in the military and tweeting the menus. And the quality of the artwork and the dedication of the account owner are adding up to being the best kind of weird cute that EXO-Ls have seen on the internet.


The bio reads, “A Photo Journal of Xiumin’s Meals – The pictures have been photoshopped somewhere between roughly and passionately. I will upload not too strictly, but more so here and there. Please understand.”


The account tweets breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus – along with a photoshopped image of all the food items on a tray that is similar to the ones used in the South Korean military. The food items are, reportedly, according to the menu chart that is shared by the base. While the presentation may not be as nice as the photoshopped versions, these trays are pretty accurate portrayal of what the military is feeding Xiumin every day!

Here’s what Xiumin had on June 1, 2019 for breakfast…

Translation: 2019. 06. 01 (Sat) Breakfast – Shrimp burger, beef and mushroom porridge


… and for lunch…

Translation: 2019. 06. 01 (Sat) Lunch – Fried rice + spam, gochujang flavored spinach, fried eggs, kimchi


… and for dinner.

Translation: 2019. 06. 01 (Sat) Dinner – Potato miso soup, spicy chicken, pickled cucumbers and onions, kimchi


The account also includes snacks and desserts when he does have any. On the same day, June 1, 2019, Xiumin had two soft drinks for dessert, according to the Twitter account.

Translation: 2019. 06. 01 (Sat) Dessert – Milk / mango juice


Feeling extra connected yet? EXO-Ls absolutely love how cute this idea is and sure do appreciate being able to stay updated about Xiumin in any way!

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