BTOB Peniel Shows Up At 2018 Golden Disc Awards With Hair…And Twitter Went Crazy

Peniel is growing out his hair!

BTOB‘s Peniel has long struggled with alopecia (hair loss) and has personally opened up about it in the past on Hello Counselor. His stylist was the first to ever notice him having a bald spot but it eventually kept getting worse and worse. After seeing a doctor about it, he learned that it may not just be hereditary but also due to stress.

His company along with his members all wondered if he would have wanted to go back to the States to rest and recover but instead, Peniel decided to shave his head and face this issue head-on. His members and fans were all super supportive of the decision and we’ve encountered a beautiful bald Peniel ever since.

However at the 32nd Golden Disc Awards fans couldn’t help but notice how much Peniel has grown his hair, and he looks amazing!

At first, fans were amazed,


and excited.

Others were genuinely happy and very supportive.

And it wasn’t just fans that noticed…EXID was also caught on camera last month talking to Peniel about his hair growth.

2018 Golden Disc Awards