Two Fansite Masters Of An Idol Announce Their Marriage To Each Other

Even their wedding invitation looked like fan support.

It’s rare to find love in life, and even rarer to find someone you love that shares the same interest as you! For “extreme” hobbies such as being a fansite master, it’s not easy to find someone who can embrace that side of oneself. Luckily for these two fansite masters, they managed to find each other.

Two fansites of ALICE‘s (formerly ELRIS) Yukyung, First Camera and Flower Tint, recently held their wedding ceremony on October 15, 2022. True to their idol fan roots, their wedding invitation was in the form of a ticket card, akin to the souvenirs fanbases often give out at events.

Wedding invitation. | @flowertint1105/Twitter

The fansites announced their marriage on the day of the wedding itself. The tweet soon went viral and many people congratulated their union.

221015 Wedding Day

Thanks to ALICE, I was able to meet a good fated person. Special thanks to ALICE. Let’s all walk the flowery path! Yukyung, thanks!

— Flower Tint

221015 Wedding Day

Thanks to ALICE, I was able to meet my life partner and even get married. We’ll live happily with ALICE.

— First Camera

While the news has not yet traveled to Yukyung herself, at the rate that the news is going viral, the couple may just yet get a special congratulations. Congratulations to the happy couple.

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