These Are The Two Members Of IZ*ONE With The Best Proportions, According to K-Fans

They got everyone shook.

Many agree that every member of IZ*ONE is gorgeous and they are all body goals, but these two are always mentioned amongst fans and netizens when talking about good body proportions.

One is the visual goddess, Kim Minju! Minju is only 166cm tall, but many agree that her proportions are to die for. Her long legs make her look way taller than she truly is. Minju has a womanly figure that any are jealous of.

Minju is not very tall, but her proportions are just perfect.

The next is the giant maknae Jang Wonyoung. Despite her young age, the idol is almost 170cm tall, and she’s still growing! Even non-fans admit to her body proportions, with many admiring her long legs, long arms, and small face.

Jang Wonyoung’s proportions are at another level. I admire whenever I see her and I’m not even a fan.

Source: TheQoo