These Two Members of TWICE Are So Close That They’ve Even Showered Together

It’s pretty incredible that they’re close enough to do this together.

While EXO‘s Baekhyun is pretty loud and proud about showering with his group members (and even biting each other’s butts), somehow, this TWICE moment from a 2016 episode of KBS‘s Happy Together went largely unnoticed!

When asked whether it was true that she was especially fond of Tzuyu, Jihyo replied in the positive explaining that although she is the youngest member, she rarely opens up about her worries and that endeared Tzuyu to her.

Tzuyu is the youngest member of our group. As you know, she came here alone at a very young age. Despite her age, she rarely talks about her worries or what’s on her mind. I think that’s why.


Source: KBS World/YouTube

It’s not just Jihyo that is very fond of Tzuyu, but her parents are as well. In fact, they like Tzuyu so much that she’s even slept over at Jihyo’s parent’s house!

Source: KBS World/YouTube

When asked what they did together during their sleepover, Tzuyu bashfully admitted that they slept together and took a shower together!

We slept together and took a shower together, too!


Source: KBS World/YouTube

If that doesn’t show off the strength of their sisterly bond, we don’t know what does! In general, a person has to be very comfortable with and trust a person they fall asleep around—that fact is probably doubly true when it comes to showering together!

Watch the clip below (the specific scene is from 0:15 to 0:43):