This IU vs. That IU Will Always Be The Hardest Decision Fans Ever Have To Make

Of course, we can always go for both.

IU has been blessing her fans with her talent and gorgeousness for years now.


And while fans love and appreciate all of IU’s styles and concepts, they have never been able to pick a side when it came to “Long-Haired IU” versus “Short-Haired IU”.


Both IUs have irresistible charms…


… and fans can’t decide if they want to see more of the long haired version or the short haired version of IU!


In her recent drama Hotel Del Luna, IU rocked some of her absolute best, chic long-hair styling. Her voluminous hair added to the elegant vibe that her character was meant to convey.


But on her past stage performances, IU also slayed her signature cute short hair style too. This “long bob cut” had become iconic and left Koreans booking their next salon appointments.


IU’s fans have come to agree that in this life, it will simply be impossible to pick one IU over the other…


… and thankfully, they don’t really have to! IU continues to dominate both concepts on and off the stage, so her fans get to see all sides of her she has to offer.


She’s gorgeous either this way…


… or that way!

Source: THEQOO