Here Are The Two Types Of Producers You Meet When Recording Music, According To A Korean Artist

It’s hard to work with some of them.

Not all producers in the music industry are the same. According to Korean artist and YouTuber Grazy Grace, there are two categories of producers that one meets in a recording studio: a friendly one and a strict one.

Grace | @gebabyk/Instagram

For the former, she mentioned the producer she worked with for her 2016 track “Trick Or Treat,” NASSUN.

My producer for my ‘Trick Or Treat’ song, he is one of the best producers ever. He is so chill, so funny, he makes the vibe so comfortable like there’s no pressure.

— Grace

One can’t underestimate the importance of a relaxed atmosphere when recording. The mental and emotional condition of the artist has an effect on their performance.

That’s how music should be. Music really comes from the soul and the heart and if you are pressured and you’re stressed about it, you’re not gonna sing well.

— Grace

On the other hand, some producers are the complete opposite.

There are also producers who give you a really scary vibe, like it’s the end of the world and today’s the only chance [to record], and if you don’t do it today, you’re a bad singer.

— Grace

She recounted the time she faced a producer who was exactly like this. The recording may have been short, but it was impactful—and not in a good way.

I remember this one producer…every time I did something wrong, he would just be so scary about it, so stressful about it, like he put so much pressure. I go in there and sing for 20 to 30 minutes and I’m done for the day. I had no energy because he sucked the energy out of me.

— Grace

Music producers assist the artist with their project, guiding them and bringing their vision to life. Grace compared them to teachers who help singers grow professionally and personally, and so it is vital they are paired with the right person.

I realized how important producers are in creating that good vibe.

— Grace

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