Two US Tourists Arrested In Thailand For Taking Nude Photo In Front of Historic Temple

Two tourists from the US has been arrested in Thailand after taking a nude photo of themselves in front of a historic temple in Bangkok.

Joseph and Travis Dasilva took a belfie (butt selfie) in front of a famous temple Wat Arun in Bangkok.

They posted their photo on @traveling_butts Instagram account and the photo was shared with people around the world.

Their Instagram post attracted the attention of Thai police, who also found that this tourist couple also took a belfie at another temple in Bangkok.

Thailand has a very conservative culture where more than 90% of citizens follow Buddhism, and they find nudity in public offensive.

The couple was charged with displaying inappropriate behavior in public and had to pay 5000 baht (153 USD) per person, and they are planned to be deported from Thailand with their visa revoked.

They are currently detained at Thailands’ immigration center while police are investigating the case to prosecute them under Computer Crime Act.

If further charges are laid, they may end up serving up to 7 years in prison.

Source: Telegraph