TXT Attended BTS’s Chicago Concert And RM Gave Them A Special Shout Out

They supported their sunbaes, and RM noticed.

The Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour stopped in Chicago on May 11, and BTS had some special guests in the audience.

Their hoobaes TXT were spotted enjoying the concert. They were also performing in Chicago for their own tour STAR in Us, but the day after on May 12. So, they had time to support their sunbaes.

They even met BTS backstage and shared the moment to social media for fans.

But, RM‘s special shout out to the group during the concert attracted fans’ interest.

He spoke about how much he was enjoying Chicago’s weather when he sang the lyrics, “I love it.” And, the way he sang the phrase is the exact melody of TXT’s “Crown”.

The Big Hit Entertainment groups are no strangers to showing their support of each other from stage interactions to sharing moments about each other at fansign events. They’re just one big happy family, and fans love it.