BTS Brought TXT Into The Spotlight During Their Encore Stage

BigHit family fans got the interactions they’d been waiting for on “M Countdown”.

BTS and TXT finally gave fans the BigHit family moment they’ve been waiting for!


On March 7, TXT shared the first ever BTS x TXT group photo on Twitter, which appears to have been taken at BigHit Entertainment. Ever since then, fans have been looking forward to seeing them all together again.


Fans finally got to see the first BTS x TXT on-camera interactions during the latest episode of M Countdown. For the encore of “Boy With Luv”, TXT stayed on stage to support BTS. At first, TXT stayed to the far right of the stage and enjoyed the show as if they were part of the audience.


As soon as Suga‘s verse began though, and Jungkook both went over to show their juniors some love.


V encouraged TXT to come closer, but it took them a few more moments to get over their shyness.


With BTS’s encouragement, TXT joined their seniors and Jin even offered up his microphone so that they could sing along.


The thought of a sudden TXT x BTS duet must have been intimidating though, because TXT’s members kept passing the mic to each other until Jin eventually took it back!


Since TXT struggled to move to center stage, BTS moved to perform closer to them…


…until V finally dragged them over!


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