Fans Finally Saw “Jungkook Hyung” With TXT, And The Feels Are Real

“Jungkook-hyung” looked after his juniors on M Countdown.

BTS‘s “Jungkook-hyung” officially made his debut on the M Countdown stage, and it’s making everyone emotional.


BTS’s label juniors, TXT, debuted in March, but it’s still hard to believe that Jungkook is no longer Big Hit Entertainment‘s youngest idol.


When ARMYs first realized that Jungkook is now a “hyung“, many had a hard time processing it. After the initial shock wore off, fans couldn’t wait to see Jungkook-hyung’s first public interactions with the TXT members.


After weeks and weeks of waiting, it finally happened on the latest episode of M Countdown. During the encore of “Boy With Luv”, TXT stayed on stage to support BTS, and BTS showed TXT nothing but love in return.


As Suga rapped, and Jungkook both went over to see TXT. Jungkook gave Taehyun this adorable hug that is making fans “aww” like crazy!


He also gave Taehyun another hug at the end of the performance.


Fans noticed that Beomgyu cutely imitated some of Jungkook’s gestures…


…and they were overjoyed to see the two “bunnies” of BigHit together in one frame!


Chances are, Soobin and Jungkook have met many times within the company, but Soobin still seems starstruck!


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