TXT Beomgyu’s Advice For A Fan Struggling With Depression Will Make You Stan

“Don’t be ashamed…”

As a group whose music touches on so many important topics, TXT easily connects with fans on an emotional level. When one fan revealed how the group helped them with their depression, Beomgyu gave them some thoughtful and caring advice.


Of the many messages that fans send through Weverse, one MOA opened up about their struggle with depression and how TXT has been a shining light to help them through. Upon seeing it, Beomgyu had a lengthy response of his own. He opened by thanking the fan, “I’m so relieved and thankful that I’ve become a precious person to our MOA.

Remembering his own experiences, Beomgyu explained how it feels: “When it comes to depression, you feel like you’re doing okay one moment, but it can come rushing back suddenly, and I know very well that it makes it harder for a person than anyone can imagine.

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He then reassured the fan that it wasn’t something they ever had to be embarrassed by and how they should reach out to their parents for support. Beomgyu also expressed how meaningful it was to be a source of positivity for them.

I’m very happy I can be that kind of person for our MOA, but I also think you should talk to your parents about it!!!

Don’t be ashamed, and since you did nothing wrong, why don’t you talk more seriously about it? We’ll continue to work hard so that we can give you more strength!!

— Beomgyu

To end his response, Beomgyu reminded the fan to stay positive and remember to cheer themselves on for making it through tough times.

Thank you, MOA. I hope you put those thoughts aside and think about happy thoughts and praise yourself for a hard day before you go to sleep tonight. Goodnight.

— Beomgyu

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Since Beomgyu admitted to spending more than a few nights crying by himself as a new trainee, he could understand how tough it was for the fan and be the support they needed. In fact, his response had many fans touched by his caring words and feeling seen.

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