TXT’s Beomgyu Couldn’t Agree More With The Message On A Japanese Fan’s Shirt

Beomgyu might want to get the same t-shirt for himself 😆

Among the many groups that performed at SBS‘s Super Concert Super ON:TACT, TXT was part of the lineup. On top of bringing fans joy with their energetic performances, they had MOAs laughing from the moments in-between—especially Beomgyu.

During a break in-between their stages, TXT took time to see some of the fans that had tuned in to watch. Among the many MOAs that were holding signs of their favorite members, one fan had on a custom t-shirt that had caught the group’s eye.

A Japanese fan wore a white t-shirt with the statement, “Beomgyu is the most handsome,” printed across the front in black. She even held the shirt closer to the screen for everyone to get a good look at the Korean writing.

While the rest of the members laughed and smiled at the display, Beomgyu was as proud as a peacock.

| @tdcerina/Twitter

To show how much he approved of the fan’s statement, Beomgyu confidently posed for everyone with a bright smile. Between how confident Beomgyu always is about his looks and the happiness on his face, the moment was just as funny as it was sweet.

| @tdcerina/Twitter

After all, the fan didn’t tell any lies. Not only is Beomgyu one of the most handsome guys out there, but all the members of TXT are.