TXT’s Beomgyu Proves He’s A Total BLACKPINK Rosé Fanboy

Even the members were loving it.

TXT‘s Beomgyu has shown his appreciation for BLACKPINK‘s Rosé more than once, enjoying her covers and solo music.


This time, Beomgyu made viewers laugh when showing off his love for Rosé’s “On The Ground”.

On the barista segment of TO DO, Taehyun and Soobin noticed the camera filming them from above. Beomgyu saw the perfect opportunity to do Rosé’s floor choreography justice. Laying down on the counter, Beomgyu sang “On The Ground”.

Yeonjun quickly and hilariously brought Beomgyu back to reality by scooping him back up off the counter. The members chuckled at the whole turn of events.

While they all laughed, Yeonjun and Hueningkai even apologized to the staff for Beomgyu’s sudden Rosé performance in the middle of filming.

Regardless of the time or place, it looks like Beomgyu isn’t afraid to show how much of a Rosé fanboy he is.

Rosé performing “On The Ground” with backup dancers. | Inkigayo

Check out Beomgyu being a BLINK yet again.