TXT’s Beomgyu Came To BTS Jin’s Rescue Faster Than You Can Blink

The moment is brightening the days of many fans.

From the moment TXT debuted, they let everyone know how much they love their BTS seniors. A sweet interaction between Beomgyu and Jin has fans feeling all the love.


When the two groups were promoting together, BTS couldn’t celebrate their “Boy With Luv” music show wins without their juniors by their side. Though they were singing their encore stage, Jin had a minor problem. He didn’t have a microphone handy.

That’s when Beomgyu cutely raced across the stage with one in hand, making his way to Jin. Beomgyu gently grabbed Jin’s hand and passed the microphone to him. Jin respectfully accepted with a bow.

Afterward, Jin sweetly wrapped an arm around Beomgyu, keeping him by his side. The huge smile on Beomgyu’s face had fans smiling just as wide.

Between how quickly Beomgyu swooped in to help and how sweetly Jin treated him, the two proved how heartwarming TXT and BTS’s friendship is.


Check out the brief moment between them that’s sure to melt your heart.

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