TXT’s Beomgyu Cried During A Choreography Lesson As A Trainee—Here’s Why

“I tend to cry when…”

The road to being an idol isn’t easy, and TXT‘s Beomgyu knows this better than many people. He doesn’t cut himself enough slack, and that resulted in a lot of stress as a trainee.

In a past interview with Weverse Magazine, the interviewer noticed through his answers that he “seems to be very strict” with himself.

Agreeing with their statement, Beomgyu added that he’s so strict with himself that he cries whenever he’s mad at something he did or said. He also cries when he can’t accept a situation.

I tend to cry when I’m angry at myself or when I can’t accept something rather than when I’m sad.

— Beomgyu

To further illustrate his point, he recalled his trainee days when he cried because he was slower than others at memorizing a choreography.

In my trainee days I once cried during choreography lessons because I was slower at memorizing the moves than the others were.

— Beomgyu

Now, however, he recognizes that he was being too hard on himself. He said, “But looking back, I was likely being overly strict with myself.”

Concluding his thoughts, Beomgyu revealed that he used to think he was a free spirit but now knows that isn’t completely the case because of the many rules he sets for himself.

I usually think of myself as a free spirit, but in a way I’ve set up a lot of rules for myself to follow.

— Beomgyu

Aside from sharing a story from his trainee days, Beomgyu also talked about his greatest musical influence growing up. Read more about it below.

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Source: Weverse Magazine