TXT’s Beomgyu Reveals MOAs’ Solution To His Habit Of Falling Off Bikes In Music Videos

It seems to be a common occurrence!

TXT‘s recently released the music video for their new track “LO$ER=LO♡ER,” and it took fans on a wild journey, and even had an ending that managed to shock no K-Pop fans were ready for. During the video, the members are seen going through several challenging situations and overcoming these problems with friends.

The members recently sat down with fans on a live broadcast to discuss their recent comeback. During the broadcast, they spoke about some behind-the-scenes stories, what fans could expect from their promotion period, and much more.

In particular, fans mentioned the part in the music video where member Beomgyu is trying to escape from his father and gets on his bike to run away. Yet, as he sets off with speed and excitement, he ends up falling off the bike.

Although Beomgyu is seen smiling after the fall, MOAs couldn’t help but feel protective over him. During the broadcast, Beomgyu explained how fans kept saying they wanted to take away his bike because he kept falling off it.

Even though it might seem a bit dramatic, even Beomgyu saw their point as it isn’t the first time Beomgyu has fallen off his bike. During the music video for their track “DRAMA,” he also fell off his bike during a scene, and fans seem to think he shouldn’t be allowed to ride one anymore.

Luckily, before Beomgyu had to worry, MOAs already had an alternative for him. It seems as if Beomgyu will only be allowed to ride the bus, and many were willing to pay for the fare.

I fall off the bike in ‘DRAMA,’ and I keep getting more injured whenever I do fall. So MOAs are saying I can only take the bus around from now on.

— Beomgyu

Hopefully, Beomgyu is more careful now. As soon as the video was released, fans quickly went on social media to share their thoughts on the scene!


Luckily, Beomgyu is okay, and it just proves how good an actor he is because MOAs became very concerned about his wellbeing. Hopefully, he won’t be riding a bike any time soon. You can watch the whole music video below.

Source: TranslatingTXT