TXT’s Beomgyu Picks Which Member He’d Let His Sister Date

Though he doesn’t have one, he knew who’d fit the role best.

To promote their title track “Blue Hour”, TXT stopped by the set of Weekly Idol for some laughter and to win tasty food. During the fun segment, “I Caught You,” Beomgyu ended up picking the question, “Who would you set up with your sister?”

Although he only has an older brother, Beomgyu knew his members well enough to choose who would be the best choice for an imaginary sister.

When Beomgyu first read the question, he made Kwanghee and Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk burst into laughter with his immediate response: “Ah…none of them.” After laughing at the savagely funny way Beomgyu didn’t hesitate, the hosts encouraged him to choose a member.

Beomgyu didn’t make everyone wait too long. He took Soobin by surprise by choosing him, “I caught you!

Though the members had thought the question asked which member he’d date, they soon found out it was who he’d introduce to his sister. Beomgyu then revealed why Soobin was the best choice.

After Soobin gave him a thumbs up for being chosen, Beomgyu shared how his caring nature was the deciding factor. “I think he’ll treat her well.

Beomgyu pointed out Soobin’s sweet personality left nothing to worry about, “He’s very gentle and warm-hearted.

In fact, Soobin gave everyone a glimpse into how he would treat his girlfriend and the kind of boyfriend he’d be. It seems like Beomgyu had the right idea. See him come to a decision after hilariously rejecting them all.