TXT’s Beomgyu Makes Jaws Drop With The Price Of His Luxury Bag

Fans wanted to get their hands on it until they saw the price.

From his long hair to his clothing choices, TXT‘s Beomgyu always delivers stylish looks that fans look forward to.


As TXT made their way to film Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, Beomgyu’s effortlessly luxurious look had fans wanting to try it out for themselves.

When Beomgyu arrived, he looked completely relaxed with his hair down and sipping an iced Americano. What drew attention was his black bag.

Pairing perfectly with his dark jeans and light hoodie, the Louis Vuitton elevated his look and had MOAs wondering how they could get their hands on it too.

On Louis Vuitton’s official site, the bag is called the Steamer PM, a messenger bag created in 1901 with a monogrammed canvas that lets everyone know it’s a Louis Vuitton product.

Instead of being priced somewhere around $1K USD, fans were surprised to see it was at least four times that amount. On the U.S. site, the messenger bag is listed at $4,150 USD and currently sold out.

| Louis Vuitton

Since Beomgyu has been using the bag since 2019 and it still looks brand new, the high price seems equal to its quality.

With resale prices for the bag as high as $7,000 USD, it looks like you might have to be rich to look like Beomgyu. At least fans can live vicariously through Beomgyu, complimenting him on his expensive yet stylish taste.

| @TXT_members/Twitter
Source: Louis Vuitton


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