TXT’s Beomgyu Proved He Knows Exactly What Fans Say About Them

He may not seem like it, but he’s keeping tabs on MOAs’ funny theories.

When it comes to the comments that fans post online, especially through Twitter, they think they’re safe from their faves. Ironically, some idols have actually read them, like Stray KidsBang Chan.

During one of TXT‘s live broadcasts, Beomgyu was the next idol to prove that he’s been paying attention to what fans post as well.

Before their upcoming comeback was officially announced, MOAs were looking at any signs for when it would be released. Naturally, the group’s new hair colors were a significant hint.

When finally revealing them for all to see, that prompted Beomgyu to remember something he’d seen. Turning toward the rest of the members, he said, “I saw a funny comment.”

Since Beomgyu had been the only member to show off black hair, that caused fans to become suspicious.

They’d grown even more so because the member who had been wearing black hair before was then hiding it, “I was the only one showing the black hair. Hueningkai never showed it.”

That caused MOAs to come up with their own theories of what was going on. With Beomgyu typically sticking to light-colored hair, some fans came up with one conclusion, which he’d seen. “MOAs once said, ‘He’s covering his hair with spray color.'”

The crazy theory made Taehyun and Hueningkai crack up. Beomgyu hadn’t seen the theory only once or twice. He admitted, “I’ve seen so many comments like that.”

Since fans had been going back and forth between claiming he was darkening his hair with spray or wearing another wig, it hilariously convinced them he had a secret stan account.

Whatever the reason, Beomgyu is definitely keeping track of what MOAs are saying. If he found out about that, who knows about the other funny things he’s read?

Listen to Beomgyu expose the fan theory about his black hair color, beginning at 6:21.