TXT’s Beomgyu Responds To Stray Kids’ I.N Reacting To His Aegyo

“So I shared that video to him, and I asked…”

During one of Stray Kids‘ fan signings, a fan showed I.N a clip of TXT‘s Beomgyu‘s aegyo (display of cuteness) that caused the funniest reaction. It didn’t go unnoticed by his best friend Beomgyu, who recently shared his own reaction to the funny moment.

I.N | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

During his live broadcast, Beomgyu mentioned “looking through Twitter posts a while ago” and came across one that caught his attention. He said, “Jeongin…I.N from Stray Kids was on a video call.

Beomgyu remembered I.N’s funny reaction, imitating it for fans. Since they’re close friends, Beomgyu did what any close friend would do and contacted I.N about it.

Like the fun friends they are, I.N didn’t even give an explanation and laughed about it. Beomgyu enjoyed it just as much, saying, “It was fun.

Everyone needs a fun and supportive friendship like the one I.N and Beomgyu have.

I.N and Beomgyu. | @TXT_members/Twitter
Source: Naver Live